Monday, January 02, 2006

Tips for getting blacklisted - NFSMW

You need to perfect three things: driving, timing and tuning. With these three, most of the races are a piece of cake. Try to get as much cash as possible on the way to top of blacklist. Even if you need to win only say 5/8 races, try completing all 8. Being rich always pays off. Use the extra cash you have to buy performance upgrades. Don't bother much about visual appeal in this NFS. When you beat an opponent (blacklist member) you get to choose two markers. I would highly recommend choosing one performance upgrade and a random marker. Thus you get latest performance upgrades and if lucky, pink slip to your opponent's car too. Visit the parts shop once a while, and don’t forget the backroom to use up your performance markers.

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  1. Two days ago, I finally decrypted how to get the pink slip everytime. IT'S NOT RANDOM.
    ...I don't talk about more. I found it. Try alone.