Friday, January 06, 2006

NFSMW - Challenging Earl #9

Guess who drives Earl's car now?!

Many friends of mine told me that they are stuck with Earl (blacklist #9). Earl seems to be giving them a tough time in the sprint. I didn’t believe them; I thought I would be too good for him. But, honestly… he did sweat me a little. The speedtrap was a piece of cake, but the sprint I had to try with all my cars... and finally my first and the best Volkswagen Golf GTI (modified) did the trick. It was a marginal win… a pretty tough one, I admit! Best Wishes!

Some tips to kick the shit out of Earl:
  • Try to be in the front always (or at least close by)
  • Be careful at the turns, especially during end
  • Save some NOS for the end
  • Try to slow him down; whenever, wherever n however possible

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