Sunday, February 19, 2006

Attention units: Razor down!!!

Ya babe... you heard it rite... Finally I am on top... and Razor had to gimme back my gal and my ride. Even though Mia turned out to be a cop, she lemme escape! Well how could she resist the charm of the best driver... lol

But Cross was really mad to know that I escaped (even though he arrested the whole Razor's team). He sent all the available units in the city. I had to keep them busy for whole 5 minutes.. phew! Finally Mia baby came to the help of her hero.. she told me about a broken bridge, over which only my muscle car can jump thru. I trusted her.. and wow... I reached safe on the other end.. but all the police dived in for fishing... lol

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Find me?

What occurs...

twice in a lifetime,
once in every year,
twice in a week,
but never in a day?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

NFS MW - Razor, watch your step!

I am there, jus getting ready to beat up this guy... I mean beat this guy ;) You heard me right, I am gonna be challenging 'the Razor' now. Wish me best, pray for me... I might need it...

See Razor's profile. Also I present you Merc McLaren, which belonged to blacklist #2. But unfortunately I didn't get his pink slip...

But Mr. Razor, be ready gimme back my gal and my ride... woohooooo....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

NFS MW - Who is on blacklist #2

So getting closer to the end... working on blacklist #2. Next is Razor, the sweet villain who took my gal and car. See the blacklist #2 rival and the car I got from blacklist #3. I love this car; it is a pretty good one. By the way, I must tell you, try tuning your car and it will make big differences, especially in handling. This car was tough to drive first, but now it corners like it is on rails ;)