Friday, January 20, 2006

Be puzzled!

Came across another interesting series of puzzles. Had cracked head on another one found from orkut (google community, some time back. That was a pretty tough one.. phew! So here goes another one... on same lines -

It was created by a couple of guys from IIM Indore, India. Make your brains sweat... best wishes. I think the first 10 are kinda easy. It seems there are 30 ones in this. A clue, don’t crack your head on first ones... just click!
For more clues, drop a note...

Note: Some can be clicked, but for some you have to change the url(link) with the answer. And don’t forget to see the source of the page, it has lotsa hints!


  1. I found some clues in this forum:

  2. But most clues there are misleading... damn!!

  3. any clue for level 4? thanks in advance!

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  5. I jus reached level 28 ;) best wishes ppl...

  6. Here comes the end... lol

    If anyone come across level 29, lemme know. It jumps to level 30 from 28.