Sunday, January 08, 2006

Installing NFS Most Wanted

NFS Most Wanted was released in Nov 16, 2005. It was a hit within a few weeks, becoming the #1 game of winter 05. Installing NFS MW is a little tricky, unless you bought a legitimate one (highly advised!). But me being a pauper, finally had to settle with a pirated copy. Due to requests from many friends, I am sharing my little installation secret ;-)

The installation comes in 4 CDs. Don't know why, the installer process asks for 3 CDs only. I think the 4th CD is mainly the hacked launcher etc. But for me, it didn’t work, even though I put the first CD and tried to run through the cracked launcher. Finally after an intensive research in net, I managed to make things work (hope you have already seen the screenshots in previous posts).

The games works only by using a virtual disk. For this, I had to download the image of CD1 (I used BitComet and a torrent site). Most of the images in net are of 'Alcohol' format (a CD burner and imaging software). I downloaded a free tool called 'DAEMON' Tools to load the image and to create the virtual drive. This alone won’t work as the game will complain you to put the valid NFS disk in the drive. To skip this original disc validation, you have to use a tool called 'SafeDisc Hider'. Install SafeDisc hider, load the image in Daemon Tools, run SafeDisc hider and click 'Hide' and just double click the desktop shortcut to have hours of non-stop, exhilarating game play.

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  1. i followed the instructions given step-by-step.

    mount image using daemon tools, then run safedisc hider, press hide, then doubleclick the shortcut..

    everything was going error window asking for disk..the game loaded to a black screen..a mouse pointer from the game is seen..then, suddenly, it crashes backt o the desktop!!

    what could be the problem??!!!

  2. How did u install the game? From CDs or from the images? Also did you have any of the CDs in the drive when u started the game? Also check whether your system meets the reqd configuration. I would recommend an 8x AGP with 128 MB and 1 GB RAM. Which Graphics card do you have? Check your drivers and DirectX level.

  3. i am taiib jaaba. i followed the instructions and ran safedisc hider.but the message: cd/dvd emulation software has been detected.... for information i have xp professionel sp2.