Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Screenshots of Games in Windows 7

It has been quite a while since last post. I upgraded to Windows 7, even since beta, and henceforth I couldn't capture any screenshots from DirectX games via the Prt Scr (Print Screen) button. All I used to get was a screenshot of the desktop instead. Tried quite a bunch of DirectX screen capture tools as well, but in vain.

Recently, I had to tweak program settings to get the latest 'Need for Speed - Shift' working on Windows 7 (upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit finally). One of the changes I had to do was to  change the program settings to "Disable desktop composition" and "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". I got my NFS working fine and now I can take game screenshots using my print screen button too... voila!!! I found that if you select/mark the "Disable desktop composition" option in the settings of the exe (game launcher) you can take screenshots while the gaming is running. Take print screen, ALT + TAB to come to desktop and paste the clipboard content into some image editor (for eg: IrfanView/Paint).

All the best, hope it helps you as well!


  1. hey, tried, bioshock 2(steam,win732bit)got the BSOB (Black Screen Of Boredom)
    using ashampoo snap 3. =D

  2. I assume this tweak works because of the way Windows Desktop Manager works, instead of using one buffer for all the graphics it uses different buffers for storing textures of different applications which enables DX to produce Alpha blend and blur effects, and i think this is the reason why print screen doesnt work. Print Screen targets desktop buffer rather than the actual buffer where game is running.

    Its only a matter of finding a workaround so that print screen captures games buffer and not desktop's.

  3. I have the same issue as anonymous from 2/13. After trying various printscreen utilities like Gadwin, Screenshoter and ZScreen, I found that the issue was indeed with Windows 7. I also found that changing the Bioshock 2 in-game Graphics Option to "Windowed Mode" does result in being able to take screenshots, but playing that way takes away from the game play experience, and results in screenshots that have to be edited to remove the top "window chrome." Computers are supposed to make things easier, not more difficult. Does anyone have a solution for this other than the workaround I discovered?

  4. Worked perfectly for me :D

    i dont know what the rest is whining about, but it works perfect here :)

  5. I have a solution :

    1.disable WINDOWS AERO effect (the transparency must go away in order for you to printscrn) - choose the basic theme from CONTROL PANEL/PERSONALIZATION

    2. I use "Hypersnap portable" - install it and with SCROLL LOCK key it will autosave your game screenshots in a folder of your prefference
    - GO TO CAPTURE/CAPTURE SETTINGs/QUICKSAVE and select desired path
    - don't forget to MARK "enable video or game capture" from the CAPTURE menu (right above where you entered the first time)

    1. This works perfectly btw. Just disable Aero theme.

  6. Muchas Gracias me salvaste la vida Por fin puedo toamr ScreenShot ^^ !